• Tree Pruning

Whether it be to let more light it to your home, to form prune a young tree, or to do a size reduction; there are many reasons to prune a tree. At Arbor Culture we are able achieve the desired results without comprising the health of your tree. Correct pruning is an investment into the future of your tree and so something we pride ourselves in at being the best.

  • Dismantles & Felling

When the time has come to remove a tree, knowledge and experience matters. Knowing how to safely dismantle a dangerous tree and having the experience to do so efficently are all of key importance. We can not only provide safe removals, we also have the insurance and safety procedures to back it up.

  • Power Line Clearance

Any tree work proformed within 4 meters of the power lines requires an authorised arborist. Li Tane is an Approved Contractor to Alpine Energy allowing the job to be carried out safely and within regulations.

  • Consultancy

Some tree issues are more complex, Arbor Culture offers the service of inspections and advise, and if requested, written reports. Tree reports are based on International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. Talk to us about the options.

  • Planting Advice

Right plant, right place. When investing into new trees talk to us about suitable speices for your site. Planting the right tree in the right place will save you money in the long term and enhance your space.

  • Transplants

If you have a tree that you wish to have removed to make way for other plans- consider having it transplanted!

  • Slab Milling

Talk to us about whether your trees are suitable to be milled into slab wood when having a tree removed. There are many high quality timber speices grown as amenity trees, yours may offer an attractive option to simply cutting the log into firewood.

Please contact us about your specific requirements, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options and provide a no obligation free quote.